Wine Charms




Description- Custom, die-struck or photo-dome charms securely attached to wire. More secure than imported wire, our wine charms can be accessorized with beads, gems or other stones.

Tie Bars




Description- Coming in a variety of finishes, the tie bar is a subtle but timeless piece that is quickly coming back into style. 





Description- Hand-crafted to your exact specifications, these displays can hold anything from business cards to bracelets. Depending on your needs, these versatile pieces can be constructed to hold or display any of your products.


Ball Markers




Description- Die-struck or photo-dome, these ball markers can also be attached to a hat for convenience during a round of golf. 

Cast Product Miniatures




Description- Crafted with a three-dimensional mold, these pieces bring your ideas to life with incredible detail and multiple surface angles. Typically constructed out of pewter to give an antique finish. 

Zipper Pulls





Description- Die-struck piece that allows you to customize apparel and luggage.